December 12, 2018

our 15 year old

Happy, happy birthday to our Kyler!

Words can not say how much we love this teenager.

I love seeing the person he is and who he is becoming. His heart is big and his talents are many. He is a hard working, responsible, sweet, aware, fun to be around guy. 

I’m so grateful for the friendship we are developing as he matures as a teenager. He has never been much of a talker and sharer, but he is opening up so much more as he gets older and I love our conversations. I'm glad we can trust each other.

We decorated his bedroom door for him to find when he woke up in the morning.

His day was a Sunday so we didn’t get to go out and celebrate during the day, but he got a cupcake for breakfast.

My parents invited us over for his birthday dinner. After dinner, he and Jacqui blew out their birthday candles next to the bowl of dirt cake they requested.

We gave them both their gifts.

Layla did a pretty amazing job at decorating his wrapping.

All Kyler really wanted was a drum set. We went with the electric set so the volume can be controlled. He has already learned some songs and beats. It’s fun!

A few weeks later, he had some friends over. He told me no cake and no singing and no blowing out candles. So we did all three. He’s not too old for that. 

We also played fear factor food edition. It was mostly girls at his party and I don’t think that all of them enjoyed the game (I don’t think the sardines, pickled beets, seaweed, dried squid was really their thing. Though the egg nog, donuts, and saltine challenges were ok.). Oh well. Kyler and I had fun shopping for interesting things to try for the game.

They played 007 and Kyler and Ben impulsively jumped into the 50 degree pool. So hopefully we recovered from any negative feelings about fear factor food. Ha!

It is so exciting having a 15 year old in the house. We love Kyler!