December 19, 2018

in, on, and sit

Brinny has a favorite spot in the kitchen.

She is in that cupboard every single day. And oh does she get mad when the big pot isn’t pushed back all the way so she can’t get inside.

Her second favorite place to be is climbing this stool in the pantry. She gets so excited when someone leaves the pantry door open and hurry’s over to play. She climbs up and down and drops food from the shelves to the floor.

This little girl also loves chairs. She can get herself onto one of our small kid chairs now, but, at first and for every other chair, she would stand next to it and hit the chair and say “on” until you helped her up. I would ask her if she wanted to sit and she would repeat back in the affirmative “sit.”

In this picture, she was sitting at the table with Layla while Layla played “baby school” with her. Layla was the teacher and Brinny the student. The lesson that particular day was on farm animals.

She also loves to hide behind the stools in the kitchen. Sometimes she pushes them together and hides behind them, but this day she would pull herself back and then pop forward to play “where’s Brinna?” with daddy.