December 13, 2018

Cross Country

Kacin ran on his cross country team for the first time this year. 

I’m super impressed with him! He pushed himself hard and had some great runs. 

I’m pretty sure that he can run two miles in the time it takes me to run just one. 

Baby love after a race.

He had some ups and downs this season. One week he had an awesome run and finished with his best time (around 12 minutes) in 5th place out of the three schools. But then a few of the weeks his asthma was acting up so bad that he didn’t do as well as he hoped (still always finishing in the top half of the group! so not bad at all! He is one tough kid.). 

There were so many kids at the district meet! It was a fun race to watch.

Kacin is always so great about pushing himself out of his comfort zone and trying new things (and succeeding at them!). He teaches me so much. 

This girl loves her big brother.

She’s his biggest fan. 

Way to go, Kacin!!