December 5, 2018

Christmas tree

We pulled our tree out of the box just a few days after Thanksgiving. 

We turned on the Christmas music. I yelled at everyone who wasn’t cooperating (I know, way to bring in the Christmas spirit, mom. It wasn’t my proudest mom moment...).

Kyler had the honor of placing the first ornament on the tree. 

Then we got to the decorating. Perry was especially into it this year. He loves placing ornaments on the tree.

Little Brinna was figuring out this Christmas tree thing, too. 

How sweet is B with Kyler!

Layla was in charge of the star this year.

However, she became terrified of heights when Eric lifted her up and had a little freak out moment.

She was hesitant, but ultimately she reached up there as high as she could, without letting go of Eric’s shoulder, to place the star.

It wasn’t staying very well so Kacin saved the day.

We had some pretty funny attempts at a family picture in front of the tree.

Christmas is officially put up in our home. Yay for Christmas trees!