December 21, 2018

Christmas jammies

Usually, we get new pajamas on October General Conference weekend. That didn’t happen this year because of chemo and our trip to Washington, but mostly because of chemo. So I copied a friend who posted these pajamas on Instagram and bought them for everyone when I was out at target one day. I couldn’t resist the Harry Potter and Christmas mash up.

I guess Perry couldn’t resist putting his finger up his nose. ;)

When I surprised everyone with our pajamas some people were good sports and happy to put them on. And to model in them.

We don’t mind looking silly around here.

Perry loves his baby sister. So much. Especially when they are twinning.

I bought the wrong size for someone. I had the choice to size up way too big or get him a women’s size. Apparently women’s sizing is smaller. He was a great sport when we were all laughing at my mistake. We laughed so hard! But he was not about to let me take a picture of him in his too tight pants.

Kacin is a great kid. Eventually we got him out of his Dr Pepper pants and traded some sizes around and he ended up with more comfortable pants. I love his smile no matter what. 

Next year we will probably be back to conference  pajamas. But this year our Christmas pajamas were pretty fun.