November 28, 2018


With our zoo membership, there is a special night where we get to get into the Zoolights at a discounted price plus we get the added bonus that a few of the zoo experiences that usually cost money are free. We like to take advantage of this. 

When we went last year, it was a nice evening, but we had some grumpy kids and some fighting and tantrums and somebody lost the privilege to ride the carousel at the end of the night. I am so happy to report that this year the whole crew was in a much better mood and got along just fine. Thank goodness for that. It was a lovely evening. 

I will apologize up front for the fact that every single picture I am about to post is blurry to some extent. 

Perry was extremely excited to take pictures to show his class at school. So everywhere we went he asked me to take his picture to send to his teacher. Which I did and so he got to show the pictures to his class the next day and tell them all about it. He was heaven about that.

We loved touching the stingrays, seeing the reindeer, and watching the 4D Rudolph movie.

My personal favorite spot was the round lights on the cactus. Unfortunately this extremely blurry picture is all we got.

It is so magical to walk around in the splendor of Christmas lights. Especially when the weather was absolutely perfect like it was that night.

Eric snuck in the “creepy” hand (inside joke). Ha!

The grand finale of the night was the carousel. When the carousel started, little Brinna clutches on to me so tight. She didn’t know what to think and she tried to scramble up into my arms. By the end of the ride, she had calmed down, but I had to keep my arms tightly  around her while we rode.

I don’t think Eric was ready for this picture. Or he was just annoyed that I was taking another picture. Ha!

It really was a beautiful evening at the Zoolights and a great way to kick off the holidays.