November 6, 2018

These days

Brinny has an obsession with “pretties”. She loves necklaces. When she goes into my closet and sees my necklaces hanging she reaches and begs for me to get them down. There are a few of Layla’s bead necklaces floating around the house and when she sees those she gets so very excited. She puts them on, usually by herself so it just goes around the back of her neck, and carries on. Her favorite is a purple Halloween necklace.

Kacin went on a camp out with the deacons. I’m pretty sure it was his last campout as a deacon. I can’t believe he will be fourteen soon!

He is also giving cross country a try this year. He had his first meet last week and I’m so proud of him. I think he came in at 14 minutes. He ran the two miles in the same time it would probably take me to run one.

Then he had his second meet yesterday and improved his time! I love this guy. He is awesome.

Crazy hair day at school! Layla is our first child who actually wanted to participate in spirit week. She had fun dressing up each day.

Brinna is at such a fun age. She soaks up everything. She has about 20 words in her vocabulary now. I feel like each day she’s saying or doing something new. She is so close to walking! She’ll take about 4-5 steps on her own. She LOVES snuggling with her blanket. 

One morning in our scripture study we read about baptism. Layla made the comment that she did not want to get baptized. Perry tried to convince her about how great baptism was. It was the absolute sweetest thing to hear him talk to her about it and bear his little testimony. He said, “You should get baptized Layla. Like I choose-ed to get baptized. It was good. It makes your body feel good. And you get a white blanket.” (The white blanket is in reference to a pillow case that the primary presidency in our ward gives as a gift when you get baptized. Haha.)

Our local police department held an event for children with special needs and their families. We got to check out multiple police cars, chat with officers, and eat pizza. 

We’ve celebrated a few birthdays with lunch over the last few weeks. I’m grateful for good friends.

This cracked me up. We got a letter and certificate in the mail thanking us for 1.17 years of foster care service. I am so glad they are honoring that .17 of a year! Ha!

A few weeks ago Layla and I joined my sisters ward in a “super Saturday.” I’m not much of a crafter, but with a little help from these cute girls this is what we came away with.