November 1, 2018

halloween 2018

My approach to Halloween this year was hands off. Our celebration of this holiday was simple yet effective and spectacular. The kids took the reigns when it came to costumes, plans, and everything else. I am learning that they are each quite capable of much better things than I could plan or do on my own. And it really doesn't take too much to make happy memories.

The kids dressed up three times this year. First, my mom invited us to her house for a Halloween dinner and indoor trick or treating. Which is a fun tradition for us now! We did it a whole week early so I would be well enough to come (thank you!).

The next weekend was our ward's trick or treating. It was the day after my chemo and I was nauseous and tired, but well enough to go and sit (this type of chemo hits me the hardest on day 3). Eric and I threw on our Star Wars costumes as we were walking out the door (and Kyler took his Jedi robe off as we walked out the door).

Eric helped the kids with pumpkin carving a few days later.

Brinna can say "pumpkin" now. Half the time she called her pumpkin a ball, but the other half she said “pumpkin” in the cutest little voice. 

On Halloween, I made it to about 20 min of each of Layla and Perry’s fall parties. It was a bad chemo day so I wasn’t sure what I would end up being able to do. I love them so much and so I’m glad I was able to make it for even that short time. 

Layla is so capable. Her creativity and imagination bring some awesome results. I bought those eyes from michaels to make a garbage bag monster. Layla (with a tiny bit of help from me) came up with a better plan.

And B was delighted when Layla turned to her and mad silly faces.

The Halloween fun began when a few of Kacin's friends came over. Then Kacin was off for th evening.

Layla’s costume was a last minute change. She found my old Minnie Mouse costume 15 min before we left and insisted that’s what she was going to be. It was way too big, but she pulled it off when she found a perfect black shirt and safety pin to hold up her skirt. She was happy.

Eric and I took these three out trick or treating our neighborhood. 

Kyler took on homemade rootbeer making. He did such a great job of it he may need to keep it up every year. 

Dry ice is so cool. 

Kyler and his friends dressed as nerds and had a blast together.

These three were happy with their loot. Gobs of candy.

Brinny enjoyed her first Halloween candy—Swedish fish.

Kacin came home with FIFTEEN pounds of candy!! That is insane. We told him last year was his last year to trick or treat, but we let him go out this year if he promised to use the candy for good (donate, acts of kindness, etc). He agreed to the deal. He kept 10 pieces for himself and bagged up the rest. I can’t wait to see what nice things he does with it all.

Simple yet spectacular. Happy Halloween!