November 22, 2018

gratitude 2018

On Tuesday night we were all in the car on our way to the Zoolights. We went around the car and each took a turn saying as many things we are grateful for as we could in ten seconds. Then we went around again trying to beat the number we had said the first time. I loved hearing that we are all grateful first and foremost for each other and then, also, for “spicy juice”, friends, french fries, the scriptures, grandma, grandpa, our pool, ketchup, clothes, and more. Even Perry played and I was especially grateful to be doing an activity that everyone in the family was participating in (kind of rare around here).

I personally have so much to be thankful for this year. My heart is so full. Here are my 18 in 2018 (in no particular order).

I am grateful...

1. to be alive. To be breathing and seeing and thinking and hearing and feeling. That my body is functioning well.

2. for the scriptures and good books. My study time each day is probably my favorite time of the day. 

3. for podcasts. I love listening to podcasts like “happier with Gretchen Rubin”, and “Better than Happy” and a few others I’ve tried here and there. 

4. for a living prophet who is leading our church, guiding us, and who is not afraid to challenge us and make changes that will bring us closer to Christ.

5. for nice weather (finally!). I love that we can be outside walking, riding bikes, and playing at the park again. 

6. for good people that surround and bless me with their friendship, examples, support, love, and kindness. 

7. for pretty flowers in a vase on my table. 

8. for super hot showers at night.

9. for good doctors, physical therapists, and modern medicine. And that I am almost done with my cancer treatments.

10. for escape rooms, board games, and sudoku.

11. for laughter. Especially deep belly laughs.

12. for conversations with my teenagers, snuggles with my baby, something in between with my middle kids

13. for hair. And that my hair is starting to slowly grow back.

14. for comfy pillows and blankets. And a nice big bed.

15. for enough. We have always been blessed with enough of everything, and more.

16. for music, dance, and art. To experience and to create.

17. for travel and for vacations. Including the anticipation.

18. for Eric. my love, my best friend, my teacher, my rock, my everything.