November 10, 2018

Chemo 8. The end!

I remember so vividly after my first chemo thinking that I could never, ever get through 7 more rounds. I wanted to give up right then and there. It was miserable and I didn’t know how I could go through it again and again for four more months. 

Somehow, through faith and prayers and encouragement and support and priesthood blessings, I did it!! Eight rounds of chemo therapy DONE!

On my last day of chemo, we walked outside to balloons scattered over our yard, tied to our truck, and this sign hanging from our garage. I don’t know which sweet friend did it, but it was the happiest surprise!

Kacin and Kyler both came with us to my last chemo. I’m so grateful for that support from my kids (and of course, Eric who has not left my side through any of this!).

I received my last infusion without any hiccups. 

I was so looking forward to ringing the bell at the end of my treatment. I saw a lady do it last time I was there when she finished her treatments. However, the nurses forgot the bell. I contained my disappointment and it was all good when they brought over plastic hand clappers for a short celebration and handed me my certificate. 

I’m quite certain the certificate should have read “for dramatically crying like a baby throughout all my treatments, but finishing anyways” instead of “courageously completing.”

When I got home, my friend brought me this perfect pink gift to celebrate my last treatment. 

I am so happy to be done with chemo, but a part of me isn’t sure it is real yet. I feel like I can’t fully celebrate yet and let myself be thrilled until I get through the awful side effects that I know this week will bring. But it does feel so good to know that I am at the end. I only pray that cancer will never return because I don’t ever want to do all that again. 

In a few weeks, I will have another CT scan and meet with my oncologist again. I have appointments scheduled to get started on radiation. And I need to schedule an appointment to get my port out. We are getting closer and closer to the end!