October 20, 2018

Whidbey Island, part two

Our first destination Tuesday morning was Fort Casey. Besides the deer, we had the entire Fort to ourselves.

Apparently, I did not take any good pictures of the fort itself, but it is the perfect place to play hide and seek. And since no one else was there, and we were free to run and roam all over the fort without bothering anyone else, that is exactly what we did. The children climbed up ladders and stairs and hurried through the “secret” hallways to find a perfect hiding spot. It was one of the perfect moment’s that childhood should be.

We spent about an hour at the Fort and then went to catch the ferry to Port Townsend. Brinny fell asleep in her stroller so I did laps (in the strong wind) on the top deck. 

Port Townsend was a cute little town. It would probably be more enjoyable if all of our kids were older and liked to look through cute shops though.

The town had such interesting cool old buildings! I would’ve loved to learn the history of the town.

I would almost have said that our time in Port Townsend was a wash (Perry was having a rough time there), except on the ferry ride back we had an amazing experience! We saw killer whales!! There was a whole pod of them jumping through the water passing right in front of our ferry. They were beautiful and it was so surreal to see them there. These pictures do not do justice to what we saw with our eyes!

We spent our afternoon up at another beautiful site—Deception Pass. We hiked up to the bridge and then back down to the beaches.

The height was getting to me and Layla so we didn’t walk across as far as the boys did.

We did stop at the Fort again for some more hide and seek after we ate a quick dinner. 

This was our last night in the cute little Airbnb on the island. Kacin had the bed in the living area and he dropped his new ear bud case between the wall and the bed. In the process of retrieving it, Eric dropped his cell phone (which he was using as a flashlight). Haha. We had to put some work into pulling this bed out to retrieve them both. It was pretty funny. And Layla slept soundly on the air mattress through the whole thing. 

The house we stayed in was so cozy, clean, and cute.

Brinny got sick that night and threw up multiple times. It wasn’t very fun to have a sick baby like that, but we were so grateful that we had a washer and dryer to clean everything up and that we had some space in the Airbnb (as compared to if we had all been in a hotel room).

Goodbye, Whidbey Island!