October 23, 2018

The farm

Fall was my favorite season while we lived in Washington. And one of the main reasons I made sure we visited Washington in the fall was to go to a pumpkin patch and corn maze. We quickly learned when we moved back to Arizona that it is not the same experience in the desert like it was in the Pacific Northwest. I was so excited for our afternoon at Stocker Farms! It was a perfect, sunny day (And I took a ton of pictures to prove that).

When we arrived, we saw a parking space sign that made us do a double take. Yep, reserved for someone bald! Haha. Well, I guess there has to be some perks to losing my hair. So I pulled off my scarf for a picture.

I’m certain my kids have grown a ton since they first got their pictures taken by this sign.

We wandered around the corn maze.

Even though we couldn’t buy any, we enjoyed the pumpkin patch, too. However, Perry was extremely disappointed that we couldn’t actually get a big pumpkin to take on the plane with us. We offered to let him pick a small one, but, in his opinion, if the pumpkin is not huge it is not worth it.

It was a spectacular afternoon. Just what I was hoping and what I needed. Of course, there was a little fighting and Perry had an accident (the one time we did not have a suitcase with extra clothes in the car), but those little bumps are a normal part of life. And so I think it was a perfect afternoon at the farm.