October 14, 2018

mill creek, wa

It was so thrilling to step off of the plane and to hop into our rental car and start driving towards home (well, former home that will always have a place in my heart)!

It felt so good to be making that drive along the freeway—the city scape in the distance, the gray skies, the green trees, and the awful traffic (it can’t all be perfect-haha).

But the excitement escalated when we pulled off the freeway here.

I regret not taking more pictures on our first night there. We were staying at the Wright’s house (they are so kind and welcoming) and after dinner the Lublin’s and the Peterson’s stopped by. It was so wonderful to be reunited with some dear friends!

These two boys headed out to the stake dance that night. I know they were so glad to be reunited! And Kyler was not complaining over a chance to meet up with some girls.

We went to church in our old ward the next day. Of course there were a few new faces, but it cracked me up to see so many people still sitting in there same regular pews that they have always say in. Only there kids were much bigger. It was wonderful to catch up with so many amazing people at church.

We headed back to the Wright’s house and the Peterson’s joined us all for dinner. 

Later that night I went next door so Heidi could give me some eyebrow and eyelash tips since I’m losing my hair there now (no!!!!). But I was so grateful for her recommendations.

Then it was time for a girls night! We sure missed Lorane when we watched the first episode of the next season of Poldark! But we had a blast that night and I stayed up way too late. Too bad we can’t get together for every Poldark episode.

It felt so good to be surrounded for the weekend by these good friends again. We all adore our Washington friends so much!