October 22, 2018

back in our area

One of the highlights of our trip was seeing our Washington people. During the seven years we lived in WA, these people became as close as family. We swapped kids, shared holidays, and went on vacations together. They were my friends, mentors, and examples. Each person we saw has a special place in our family’s heart for different reasons. And many more people we didn’t get to see or only saw a for a few minutes, but we love the people we met in Washington over those years.

So we spent Wednesday through Sunday back in the area of WA where we used to live. We stayed in an Airbnb and spent those days visiting with as many friends as we could, watching general conference, working at the office (well, that was just E), and with a stomach bug spreading through our family.

(I guess of all the times to be sick, it did seem to work out that everyone was throwing up and nauseas on days where our plans could be shuffled and everything worked out just fine. Brinna continued to be sick on Wednesday. Then Thursday night Layla threw up in her sleep (all over poor Kacin!! who was sharing a bed with her). By Friday afternoon, Perry was throwing up. I felt a little nauseas on Saturday. But, thankfully, it was a pretty short stomach bug and while the three little ones in our family seemed to have it the worst, we got through it ok!)

I didn’t get pictures with everyone we saw over those days, but we did get to spend a little time with Mindy, the Kovar’s, some of the Loveless family, Barnhart, and Sundi. 

Perry was the photographer for us. :)

Layla and Perry loved playing with sweet Hannah at the children’s museum.

We also had a date night with dinner out and games. And so much laughing. 

Kyler and Kacin spent every evening they could with their friends. All of the teens went to a corn maze Saturday night. And Layla squeezed in a play date with one of her friends, too.

We were so grateful we got to catch up with so many people during this trip.