October 9, 2018

a few happy little things

A few random happy things before I continue with our fall break trip to Washington...

Let me start by saying I really love Eric. So Brinna used to get cradle cap when she was little and I always took care of it with a little olive oil rubbed on the scalp, scrubbed with a soft brush, and then washed really well. Well, for whatever reason, she got a little bit back on the top of her head. Eric knew I used oil to get rid of it, but he had never seen me do it. He decided to give it a try himself. And then the olive oil poured out in a puddle on her head and baby girl’s scalp was quite oiled up!! When I saw her greasy hair, I explained you had to wash the oil out. So he did. In the sink. With dishwashing soap. Good thing Brinny is so easygoing—she tolerated the whole ordeal just fine. But she had greasy hair the next day, too (even though I washed her hair like 4 times). It was so funny. 

Brinny has a love for peanut butter that’s for sure. She was so excited when I let her eat a spoonful of it for a snack. I love independently eating, messy babies.

Layla is my snuggler. And she kind of has a thing with my bald head. She will rub it at night, especially when she knows I don’t feel great. She, also, tells me all the time just to go places bald! Funny thing—on our trip we were at a museum. I was so sick of having something on my head all day long so I told Kyler to pull my scarf off (knowing very well that he wouldn’t do it). Layla overheard and she encouraged me to take it off. Then she tried to pull it off. Then she told me she would give me a dollar if I went bald. Ha! So I let her take it off and I went bald at the museum for the rest of the time. Though she hasn’t paid up yet! I asked her why she wants me to be bald all the time. She just smiled. So I asked her if she thought it looked pretty or silly. She said it was beautiful. And then she quickly smiled and told me silly, too. I agree with the silly part! But I love that she doesn’t care what I look like.

I got to volunteer in Layla’s classroom for apple day! I loved being in that classroom of first graders with her.

Ok, now we are reading to get to our amazing fall break trip to Washington!