September 3, 2018

teenage boys

I am much more comfortable parenting the early childhood years, but having two teenage boys is a pretty spectacular experience, even if I feel inadequate most of the time. I love seeing who my boys are becoming. Sometimes time scares me when I realize things like we only have three more summers with Kyler before he is graduated from HS and on to other things. Three! 

Kyler and Kacin have such different personalities, but they both impress me with their resiliency, ability to forgive, confidence, love, and goodness. 

Eric and I make a lot of mistakes as their parents. Which is why I am grateful for inspiration from Heavenly Father when we ask for it. It is amazing to me that anytime I approach God with a problem, especially about how to address a challenge in our family, He totally answers. Ideas pop into my head or outside solutions arise. If only I was better about asking consistently then maybe I’d be a much better parent! I’ll keep trying though. But this weekend we had one of those instances. Without going into detail, it was a rough weekend for ALL of us. When we were kind of at our wits end and questioned the course of the weekend and our attitudes, Eric had a simple idea (that included a family hug) and it really truly helped us all reset ourselves. Then with those challenges still on my mind, I went to bed. I woke up with another simple idea in my head. Eric and I talked it over and carried it out Sunday morning and it was an answer to our prayers. 

Heavenly Father, also, gave us a solution when it came to soccer. Kacin decided this year that he wanted to give soccer a go again and he joined the same soccer club that Kyler was on last year. We knew that would make a busy year for us, but we committed to a year of soccer with two teams. Then my cancer came along. And the boys ended up having different practice times and it looked like tournaments would be opposite and I’m sure games would’ve been all over the place. We tried really, really hard to find a carpool, but no luck. With my cancer treatments, it would be extremely impossible/difficult to get the boys where they needed to be on time, etc. We were making do and finding temporary solutions, but nothing lasting. We prayed about it and really soon after we had an unexpected solution. The club needed to make some changes to some of the teams and their solution was to move some of the 04 players up to an 03 team. Kacin was moved onto Kyler’s team! We were a little concerned about how the boys would feel about that and if that was the best for each of them, but we talked it over and we now recognize that God gave us a solution to make things easier right now. Having the boys on the same team is a logistical blessing. And they both have had great attitudes about it and are truly making the best of the situation and I know this will be a blessing to them as brothers and soccer players. God helps us find solutions for all of the challenges life gives us.

Here’s just a snippet of the fun of raising our teenage boys...

We will start with a soccer practice sunset.

A studly teenage Kacin ready for soccer practice.

Kyler is awesome. My friend’s husband was out of town on their anniversary so he asked us to drop flowers off to her. We decided the flowers really should be delivered by her husband. So fun natured Kyler agreed to play Jon and surprised his “wife” at the door to say happy anniversary. Her surprise and reaction was the best. Kyler played his role well. It was so great!

On early out day, I took Kacin and a friend out to lunch and to partake of the biggest size of bahama bucks. It was a struggle for each of them to get it down and keep it down, but they did it!

Kyler received a calling in our ward as a family history specialist. He was pretty happy when he got to serve the YW in that capacity at a family history activity. 

Kacin had a great time on a camp out. They got to go canoeing.

They are starting to enter the world of football games and friends on the weekend, but they are still great about babysitting for date nights and spending time with their family. We love our teenage boys.