September 25, 2018

She is OURS!!!

Introducing Brinna Louise Allred with her very happy family of seven!

She is legally and officially ours and we are beyond thrilled and relieved to have that be so!

She has been a light in our family ever since she joined us at two days old straight from the hospital. (I am hoping to write her story of joining our family soon.)

As soon as she entered our home, she entered our hearts. We have been smitten by her these past 13 months. Even with all the unknowns of foster care, all along the spirit has whispered so much peace to me that we would be adopting her. Having that day finally come was amazing!

We gathered at the court house with some of our family and good friends. It meant so much to have the support of loving people there with us to celebrate this happy day.

The adoption went smoothly. Each member of our family said their name for the judge.

Eric and I were sworn in.

Under oath, we answered the questions that led to the judge proclaiming Brinna adopted.