September 22, 2018

seven a.m. freewrite

It's a Saturday morning, almost 7 am, and our house is quiet. I know my kids will be waking up soon, but I wanted to take advantage of this rare moment, in which I am feeling decent enough to sit in a chair AND the kids are still sleeping, to type at the computer.

My body has been aching these last few days from my new chemo. Aching I tell you! I tried to take a bath because soaking in hot water definitely helps, but the tub in our house is actually only long enough for me to extend my legs fully if I'm sitting up so it's slightly frustrating when my, feet, ankles, knees, and back all want to be in the water at the same time. This is the first time I've regretted the fact that we did not put in a hot tub out back with our pool.

I took the boys to soccer practice the other day and I did not sweat when I stood outside. It was actually a cool, comfortable temperature and my heart leaped a bit that maybe the end of the Arizona hot season was in sight. I felt hopeful at least.

The desk that I am sitting it right now is littered in 9th grade papers, folders, headphones, and an ipod charger. Kyler has insane amounts of homework each night, but I am so proud of how he is managing it all and learning so much. We keep telling him this will be his hardest year and then his class load will get easier to manage each year. This kid has a thing for his headphones and music. Somedays it drives me crazy and I have to ask him to take those things out of his ears and other days I bite my tongue and let him do what works for him.

It is now seven am and I need to step away from the computer and start my day. There are baseball and soccer games today. There is a house that is crying out for someone to clean it up. And I'm hoping that we squeeze in a trip to Bahama bucks or a even a date night if I'm feeling well enough the rest of the day.