September 12, 2018

Perry is 8!

This sweet boy is eight!

Perry was so excited for his birthday this year. SO excited. We definitely celebrated his big day and I'm certain he felt a lot of love. 

I took treats into his class at school in the afternoon. He was a little shy when they sang to him, but I know he loved all of the attention (and the donuts).

Right after school, we took him to Build-a-Bear to get his present from Grammie and Papa. He picked out an Optimus prime bear (no surprises by that). He loves that bear!

With grandparents and cousins, we ate dinner and sang happy birthday over rice krispy treats (from a prepacked box from Costco—I needed some short cuts here). Perry was so excited to blow out the candles he got right to it before we even sang happy birthday. Haha.

Gifts are definitely his love language. He gets so excited for every present. And he definitely cherishes and uses each one. 

We had his birthday party with friends the next night. He invited friends from school and church for swimming and pizza. I’m always so busy during these things that I forget to take many pictures. But our pool was full and Perry was thrilled to have so many friends there. 

Layla and Kyler worked to decorate the porch.

There was some trampoline jumping between pizza and cupcakes. I love seeing Perry with his friends.

Blowing out that candle was serious business! Ha.

Perry is such a great eight year old. Yay for birthdays!