September 5, 2018

elementary school kids

Our two elementary school kiddos are blossoming this year. It’s an exciting age for both of them as they become readers and thinkers and problem solvers. Our conversations are getting deeper and more thoughtful. They are managing themselves and their responsibilities so much better than ever before. It’s a fun age. I love watching them learn and grow.

Here are just a few snippets from life with Layla and Perry lately.

Layla was sitting in sacrament meeting thinking about one of her friends who will be moving soon. She leaned over to Eric and told him she was sad her friend was moving. She asked Eric a few questions about their move. Then she asked if they were moving because Heavenly Father told them to. Eric explained that sure they probably prayed about it and felt like that’s what the Lord wanted them to do right now. So Layla announced that she was going to pray and ask Heavenly Father if we can move back to Washington. She folded her arms, bowed her head, and closed her eyes right then and there. Just a few seconds later she popped her head up, looked Eric in the eyes and proclaimed, “He said YES!”

Perry and I still hang out in the foyer each Sunday after we take the sacrament and before primary. He is usually not sitting there with his arms folded like he is in this picture though. Ha! He actually just gets time on my phone. I sometimes think it’s time to break this routine, but it is working. This routine allows us to take the sacrament reverently and then he usually does well in primary because he’s had some downtime here.

Perry’s PT has been working with him in the water on some swimming. He is so much more confident now. He loves swimming even more now that he can dive down to the bottom and swim across the pool.

This picture totally captures our mornings at about 7:45am. That’s when we are shoveling food into Perry’s mouth, signing junior high papers, working on chores and homework, and reading scriptures before the elementary school bus comes.

At community helper day at school, Layla chose to dress up as a doctor.

Layla is always the helper and the friend when it comes to her baby sister.

We had some friends over for swimming. These kids were in heaven playing together in the pool for hours. We bought that flamingo float on clearance—the best ten dollars we’ve spent in a long time.