September 2, 2018

candy store

Friday night we were all feeling a little stir crazy. We have been blessed with many good people who reach out to help us, but there’s no way around it--chemo has been stressful for our little family in a lot of ways. And it is a big challenge trying to relieve that stress when you don’t feel well, and when you have 5 kids ages 1-14 with a variety of needs. Thankfully, Eric came up with a good solution to get us out of the house for a short time. Downtown Gilbert Rocket Fizz! Everyone's happy when it comes to candy.

It was an incredibly hard decision, but everyone picked out one sweet treat. 

We sat in the grass and shared those sweets. And we didn't melt in the Arizona heat--it was warm, but not unbearably so.

B got her first taste of cotton candy.

Simple, happy moments with each other, just like that night, are the best.