September 24, 2018

a weekend

My body was aching all weekend from the new chemo, but the kids keep me going. 

I took Perry to his first baseball game of the season on Saturday morning. Wow, was it hot at 8am. His hitting is improving so much this year! I love to see his progress from season to season.

While I had Perry at baseball, Eric took the rest of the kids to the boys’ soccer game. I heard it was a good game and they came away with a tie! This picture is not from that morning, but I love these handsome boys.

E and I really try to go on a date each weekend. They have not been very exciting dates lately because we just go last minute to grab a simple dinner if I’m feeling up to it, but B is usually our tag along and we love that.

These kapla blocks are really one of my favorite toys. They were so pricy, but so worth it! This is Layla’s latest display on our entryway table.

Sunday was the primary program at church. For whatever reason, our ward didn’t have a practice on Saturday and quite honestly I didn’t even realize it was going to be the program until Friday. There wasn’t really any communication this year. Or maybe I missed it. So Layla had a super short window to memorize her part, but she totally did it. She said her part beautifully on Sunday and was so proud. Perry also practiced his part at home and did it well with his primary teacher’s help during sacrament meeting. Because there wasn’t a Saturday practice, Perry wasn’t as prepared for the program. A few songs after he did his part, he was having a difficult time up there in front of everyone, so Eric snuck up there and took him out. But I am so proud of my two primary kids and the part they played in contributing to a beautiful program. 

We don’t see my parents nearly as often as we should, but they had us over for dinner last night. For no particular reason, it was a really nice evening. Layla and my mom sorted through a box of my grandma’s frogs. Layla was in heaven with this activity with her grandma. 

Perry’s bum hardly left the electric wheelchair—he loves driving that thing around the house. He even took his baby sister for a ride.

It was a simple, but nice weekend.