August 16, 2018

These days

My days blur together. I blame chemo brain. It is a real thing! So I may have posted these pictures already since they are from way back in June, but just in case I didn’t I want to remember this one. Perry went to a summer day camp and he loved everything about it! We did have to pick him up early one day when he had a meltdown about sitting next to someone he didn’t want to sit by. But other than that, it was his favorite and he is looking forward to next year. On the last day, there was a talent show for families to watch. I was still pretty weak from my mastectomy at that time, but I am so glad I was able to be there. Each class performed to a song and then some of the older kids performed songs and dances on their own. It was the best! Such sweet people up on that stage performing from deep within their hearts. We felt lucky to be in the audience.

Perry’s group performed to Coco. Even though Perry told me numerous times he does not like the movie Coco.

We love this kid!

When I was recovering from surgery, Eric took the kids to play with my sisters and their children at an indoor amusement place. I heard they all had a blast, but Layla had to do some serious fear conquering up high on this course. Thank goodness for uncle josh who helped her across and got her down alive. 

Kyler left for BYU soccer camp. Surgery and chemo through our plans off, but it all worked out. Kyler was able to get into an earlier session of camp. He flew by himself up to Salt Lake and the amazing Scoresby’s took care of him and got him checked in. Then they drove him back to us at the end of the week. So grateful for their help! As luck would have it, he ended up knowing another kid on the plane so they sat together. 

A rock decoration by our front door from Perry.

Oh, I’m not even sure. But he’s a cool dad.

The kids played a game of beanboozled. I would never ever be brave enough to gamble on those jelly bean flavors. 

It looks like Preston said some sincere prayers before his turn.

We had a duck problem in our pool for a few weeks. A duck kept landing in our water (and pooping everywhere). We tried keeping floats in the pool, scaring it away, and Kyler even built a scarecrow. No luck to get rid of it. Then one morning we saw 9 baby ducks swimming in our water. That explained it. The duck had a built a nest in our bushes. We didn’t want our pool to be a permanent home to a family of ducks, so Eric and the children loaded up the ducklings and drove them a half mile away to our community lake. No one was sure if they would find their mama. But miracle! When they got to the lake and released the ducks the mama duck immediately flew down and called to her ducklings and they all swam straight to her. So cool they were able to find each other. And that they haven’t been back in our pool.

Pictures before date night the week after I chopped my hair (the first time).

We went with some friends to a restaurant in Chandler called “the singing pandas”. Good Chinese food and live entertainment. It was a super fun evening!

B got a lot of attention from the ladies at the table next to us. This lady really wanted B to see Kermit. And she danced with her. Ha!

Elvis came out!

This was the owner of the restaurant performing a few songs.

We couldn’t leave without our picture with the King.

Then it was off to dessert at Sunny Snowballs.

We found another nest in our yard. This time it was baby birds in the tree in our front yard.

Layla ran around the house like this one morning. 

Layla also had her turn as the star student in her classroom. Here is her sweet poster. And her photo bombing dad. 

B got this huge blister on her finger and we had to get it checked out. It was probably just from sucking her finger we think.

We decided we needed a fun family outing. Well I decided that because mostly because my hair started falling out that day. We stopped at bahama bucks and then went to the mall in search of hats for me. 

I pretty much had to walk around the whole outing clinching someone’s arm like that. My chemo brain was thick that day and it is so hard to process anything when I am fuzzy like that.

Say what?! Look how hot my car said AZ was. Yikes!

By chance, we have ended up at the Disney store a few different times over the last few weeks. Perry loves looking around at stores. He is really great about just looking and not asking for everything but every once in awhile he finds a future birthday present possibility and wants a picture with it. He is pretty excited by the Incredibles these days.

B is such a good sport about the games Layla makes her play. 

Ok, not the best picture. But I do want to remember that I have some pretty amazing friends. There are four of us who started doing yoga together once a week (before my surgery). With summer and all of my cancer treatments, we haven’t gotten together weekly, but we try when we can. This picture was from the night after I shaved all of my hair. We were experimenting with some scarf wraps. I think I have a ways to go before I perfect the scarf. But nonetheless, I am so grateful for good friends right now!

I went to my first curriculum night at the high school. Kyler has some really great teachers this year. And a whole lot of homework. He has a lot on his plate with honors classes and Spanish and soccer, but he is working hard and I’m so proud of him.

We played with my wigs one night. 

And I concluded that the guys look better in wigs than I do. 

Though Mary was rocking the wigs, too.

It is such a rare thing to see this little one in tears. She was done playing with that toy. That was all. 

Perry went to a birthday party. 

We went to visit my parents and all the kids enjoyed this toy. Perry was especially happy to drive the wheelchair around. 

My mom also gave B her birthday present. She loves the little people set. 

We discovered something else that makes B cry. She did not want to be near that Caribou! I can’t blame her.

She’s getting much better at walking with support.

Eric’s brother came into town and so the older boys all went to see a movie. Perry had some great ideas and planned a fun evening for us. We went by the Disney store and the pet shop then stopped at the park to take pictures of the ducks. It ended up being a beautiful evening. Layla and Perry took turns taking all of these pictures. There was a man there with some seed and he let the kids feed the ducks, too.

These kids have an eye for beauty.

And that concludes a two month catch up on some little things around here.