August 10, 2018


How can it be so?? Our baby girl is one years old!

And it has been such a happy year with this little one in our lives. 

She has proven to be the sweetest, most easygoing baby in the world. 

She is loved on all day long by the six other people in our family. 

She started crawling on her hands and knees this last month. It’s so great to see her moving around and exploring the world. She is starting to pull herself up. 

She loves her bottles still, but is becoming a picky eater when it comes to table food. We can count on her to eat things like meat and cheese and breads, but fruits and slimy things she shies away from. 

She has the biggest, best smile!

She loves swimming and baths. She loves taking things out and putting them back in. She loves reading books. She says mama, dada, up, dog, all done, and hi (not always consistently yet though). 

She was 18 pounds 6 oz at her well child exam. 

We had to lower her crib this month when she started doing this.

She is a good sleeper. She sleeps through the night, but occasionally cries out when she can’t find her pacifier. She still takes two naps a day. 

On the day we celebrated her birthday (we picked a day a few days early so we could celebrate when I was having a good day and not during my bad chemo week), I found B crawling around with this sign taped to her back. Layla wrote “ happy birthday to you.”

She was delighted by her birthday balloon. 

She wasn’t quite as sure when I tied it to her back, but she crawled around like that for quite some time. She even greeted her birthday party guests. 

We ate lunch and opened presents before B got her smash cake. 

She loved all of her presents. 

I love this series of pictures with Perry and B. He was so proud of his gifts to her. He gave her baby goldfish crackers and the push popper (which is a toy that spends most of its time in the closet—man that toy is loud).

She had a lot of helpers to open all of her presents. 

Daddy and I can’t get enough of this baby girl. 

I guess I should note that this was an especially happy day for me. I cleared myself a few days early from my no lifting for 6 weeks post surgery rules and held my baby girl in my arms again. That felt SO good. 

Papa and baby love. 

Until she hit him in the eye with her phone. 

Good thing she’s so cute and it’s easy to forgive her. 

We love you baby B! We are counting down the days until you are legally and officially ours. Adoption day is just a month away!!!