August 30, 2018

inspiration and revelation

In at least three of my priesthood blessings since my cancer diagnosis, I was counseled to read the general conference talks from April's conference. Each subsequent blessing got a little bit more specific about that counsel. Probably because I wasn't listening very well. Sure, the first time I heard it, I thought that was a good idea. Yet, I never really did anything about it. The second time, I was told there were messages in there that were just for me. So I read a little here and there. But my most recent priesthood blessing so urged me to study those talks again, specifically messages from our prophet, President Nielsen. And even to go back and read his past talks. Unfortunately indeed, it took me three times to hear that counsel before I really took it seriously. For the last few weeks or so I have been more diligent about studying from conference. My mind has been blown! As I have read and studied, specific direction and inspiration that I was not even expecting has poured in. Simple things. But I have already seen a positive impact on me and on my family. I wonder, why was I so slow to follow that counsel?? God is so patient with us and always right there ready to guide us and strengthen us as soon as we take that first step.

The talks from the sunday morning session have been some of my favorites.

Take the Holy Spirit as Your Guide: "We can not just do and think what others are doing and thinking; we must live a guided life."

With One Accord: "As we draw closer to Him, as we seek to receive a personal witness through the Holy Ghost of His divine mission, we will have a better understanding of our purpose; the love of God will dwell in our hearts; we will have the determination to be on of the keleidoscopes of our familes, wards, and communities; and we will minister to each other 'in newer, better ways.' Miracles happen when the children of God work together guided by the Spirit to reach out to others in need."

Pure Love: The True Sign of Every True Disciple of Jesus Christ: "President Thomas S. Monson said: 'May we begin now, this very day, to express love to all of God's children, whether they be our family members, our friends, mere acquaintances, or total strangers. As we arise each morning, let us determine to respond with love and kindness to whatever might come our way.' Brothers and sisters, the gospel of Jesus Christ is a gospel of love. The greatest commandment is about love. For me, it's all about love."

His Spirit to Be with You: "The Prophet Joseph set an example for us of how to receive continual spiritual direction and comfort through the Holy Ghost. The first choice he made was to be humble before God. The second was to pray with faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. The third was to obey exactly. Obedience may mean to move quickly. It may mean to prepare. Or it may mean to wait in patience for further inspiration. And the fourth is to pray to know the needs and hearts of others and how to help them for the Lord."

Revelation for the Church, Revelation for our Lives: "Through the manifestations of the Holy Ghost, the Lord will assist us in all our righteous pursuits." AND "Find a quiet place where you can regularly go. Humble yourself before God. Pour out your heart to your Heavenly Father. Turn to Him for answers and for comfort. Pray in the name of Jesus Christ about your concerns, your fears, your weaknesses--yes, the very longings of your heart. And then listen! Write the thoughts that come to your mind. Record your feelings and follow through with actions that you are prompted to take. As you repeat this process day after day, month after month, year after year, you will 'grow into the principle of revelation."