August 1, 2018


My heart needed the mountains and the trees so we spent the weekend before chemo in Flagstaff. We stayed in a cheap musky smelling airbnb, but it allowed us to enjoy the cooler weather and explore some really beautiful places. 

Kyler spent the week at BYU soccer camp (and had an amazing time despite a foot injury). Our friends were driving him back to Arizona for us so they got to flagstaff Friday evening and spent the night with us.

Friday morning Kacin, B, and I went on a long walk through the neighborhood. 

Then we used our national parks pass and went to Walnut Canyon. It was lovely. We had a nice walk along the top. Then while everyone else went on the hike around the island, Perry and I took our time making our way partway down and enjoyed the view. 

My little buddy. It took a lot of coaxing (and ignoring of his whining) to get him as far as I got him. But it’s a happy memory in my book.

That’s the “island” that the rest of our family hiked down to and around.

We went to Lowell Observatory next.

We listened to the presentation about Pluto. For this is where Pluto was discovered!

Eric and I made sure to quote Psych. “You heard about Pluto? That’s messed up, right?”

I definitely could’ve spent more time at the observatory. Perry was anxious to go so we will just have to visit again another time.

We were reunited with Kyler! And we all went to the park for pizza. And baby’s first swing!

We spent the night playing games and talking. The next afternoon, after the Scoresby’s left, we took our family to Sunset Crater. Perry was especially fascinated by the volcano!

B held her first Lava rock.

We finished the loop and explored some of the ruins.

The next day was my birthday and I requested a hike before we checked out of our Airbnb.

Perry wanted his photo taken numerous times when he noticed cool things along the way. 

On our way home, we made a stop to get ice cream. B was excited when E gave her a taste of milk shake. She wanted more and more.

We made one final stop on our way home. We passed by the Veterans National Cemetary where my grandparents Neff are buried. At a time when I was feeling so scared, it was comforting to feel a little bit closer to my dear grandparents. And my grandma had a lot of her own health challenges and it helped me to think about her and how patient and cheerful she was through it all. We hadn’t been back here since my grandma was buried. And we discovered a mistake on the headstone (I don’t think my grandpa ever served during Korea).

We saw so much beauty over the course of the weekend. It was so good for my soul to get away and be surrounded by it for awhile. And to be with the people I love so much. I felt strengthened.