July 17, 2018

Layla turns 7!

Our little L Belle, Stinkerbelle, Ellie turned 7 years old! She is all sweet and sour—one minute being so thoughtful and generous and the next oh so defiant or disobedient. But even so, she brings so much joy into our home!! She loves art projects and her stuffies and spreading her toys out all over the house to play with them and then abandon them. She is an emerging reader. She loves singing. And she really, really loves being a big sister.

On her birthday, my sister took us to her sister/brother-in-laws house to ride horses. The kids all loved it! I was feeling really weak that morning and had to lay down in the house for a bit while they showed the kids the miniature horses, too. I know they had a blast though.

Twin cousins!

Layla and Riley made Layla’s birthday cupcakes. Then family came over to eat pizza and open presents.

Riley gave the girls a set of best friends forever necklaces. So sweet!

Later we took Layla to build-a-bear for the first time. She picked out a fairy bear. While the whole process is fun and cute, it was way too much money for me to stomach (thank goodness Grammie offered that as her present to the girls). I think we will take Perry next month for his birthday, but never again! Haha.

My sisters brought some of their kids, too.

Happy birthday, Layla!! We love you more than we could ever say!