July 11, 2018

Eleven Months!

Oh, this little love! She is really eleven months old.

She is in size 9 months clothes. But a few things are size 12 months. We did transition to size 3 diapers this month.

She has eight teeth now.

While she has been able to roll and scoot a long for a few months now, this is the month that it became more natural for her. We don’t have to try to entice and motivate her to move very much. She will make her way across the room. But she’s still quite content to just sit and play and stay. She’s not moving quickly yet, but she’s getting there. 

She loves to play “peek-a-boo”. When you say “where’s B?” She quickly covers her eyes with her hands. She is delighted when she takes her hands off and you find her, especially with some tickles. 

She is also waving and blowing kisses. And she claps at everything!

Before my surgery she was saying mama and holding her hands out to me. We’ve had a bit of a setback on that one since surgery I haven’t been able to care for her as much as I’d like to, but she’s bonding so well with her daddy, too.

She still gets smothered with love by her siblings (especially her sister who thinks she’s her doll sometimes).

She is eating so much better now and doesn’t gag like she used to. When we give her a new finger food, she will put it to her nose to smell it. Then bring it down. Then she will bring it to touch her lips. Then she sticks out her tongue to lick it. Finally, she will put it in her mouth. She is still a little sensitive to textures, but doing so much better. 

She sleeps well at night. She recently transitioned from two naps and an evening cat nap to just two naps during the day. 

We LOVE this little girl.