June 6, 2018

These days

Ellie insisted on doing her own hair for church one Sunday.

Living room fort!

Aunt Jenny came to visit over memorial day weekend. She came with me to see Big Fish at Hale Theater. It was so good, but it was not an easy thing to watch after getting my own cancer diagnosis. I didn’t k ow what it was about when I went so it threw me for a loop. But it was nice to spend time with Jen.

On Memorial Day, we filled our pool and our backyard with a few families over to swim and bbq.

Baby B had her first swim! E didn’t get a picture of her smiling and laughing, but she loves the water.

Our little L Belle graduated from kindergarten.

Every time I see 2030 as her graduation date my head spins. Man, that sounds so crazy.

There she is just below the “we”.

She had been singing all of her graduation songs at home all week. So it was fun to see the big performance.

The night before graduation, she admitted how nervous she was to walk across the stage in front of all those people. So she practiced walking for us. Well practice paid off and she walked across the stage perfectly. After the graduation, she told me she was still nervous but she just looked down and she walked and that worked out just fine.

Daddy, baby, grandpa, and I were all there to see her.

After the last day if school, I made the kids empty out their backpacks. Among other things, kyler found these crusty socks in his backpack. Maybe we should start cleaning out those backpacks more often.

Layla writes notes, lists, and letters all over the place every day. 

Perry took my phone around the house and took some pictures. So here is an evening from Perry’s perspective.

There is a new fire station right down the street so we walked down to the open house celebration one Saturday morning.

My aunt and uncle came into town for a short visit. I hadn’t seen them in years! It was so nice to catch up a little with them and to introduce them to the three younger children for the first time.