June 24, 2018

Father’s day 2018

This man is the best human being I know. He is hard working, selfless, forgiving, funny, loving, and faithful. The more time I get with him as his wife the more I see how close he is to perfection. And he is seriously the best dad for these five kids. 

He knows when to tease, when to teach, when to play, when to love. I see him learning and becoming a better dad all the time. 

We made him a French toast and bacon breakfast on Father’s Day and then loaded him up with gifts, cards, and love. 

Layla knows that her daddy loves black licorice and soda so she gave him that as well as making him this music band box.

Perry knew that daddy loves spicy juice so he filled up this gift bag with cans of soda (maybe from the pantry leftover from a bbq the day before. I might have forgotten to take him to the store to buy something).

Kacin made him a card and then gave him a keychain for his gym membership key fob.

Kyler drew this picture and found this poem he copied down and gave E a new oil keychain for blessings. 

E has been enjoying puzzles lately so B and I bought him a new puzzle to work on.

I love this picture with Perry snuggling up to his dad. 

I also made a video for Eric. I interviewed each of the kids with questions about their dad (age, favorite food, favorite thing to do, something dad always says, why you love him) and then combined it all into a short video with music. It was pretty hilarious to hear all of their answers. I think I may try to make this a yearly tradition. 

Happy Father’s Day to our best guy around!!