June 25, 2018

children’s art work

I try to pull the canvases out once a year. Sometimes we go a little bit longer in between. But I love having my children’s art work proudly shining on a canvas. It usually just takes an hour of our time. We pull out the paints and the kids can plan out and create whatever they want to.

B even expressed herself through blue and purple paint  for the first time this year.

It was no surprise that Layla was very detailed and free flowing with her creativity while Kyler and Kacin pulled out the rulers (and one of them even got so frustrated with his imperfect lines that he stormed outside a couple times to cool down).

Perry came to paint after the others and I forgot to take a picture of him at work. :(

The final products!

Then they hang on the wall in my collection of art. This wall is in my hallway right outside of my room. Soon we will have to start wrapping around the wall!