June 13, 2018

10 months

This little love of mine is ten months old!

She still loves books. And putting everything in her mouth.

She is getting much better at eating. She doesn’t gag on everything like she used to. Yay for that!

She has a big sister who can not get enough of her and who loves on her and plays with her and helps every second she can.

She still isn’t moving much yet. She can do it, but hasn’t been very motivated. But who can blame her? She always seems to have someone right there with her cuddling and playing with her. 

We still can’t tame that wild hair.

She’s moving all over the place in her bed. I found her sleeping like this one night.

She learned to clap and loves to do so! She also loves singing the wheels on the bus with the actions.

We love you baby B!!