May 17, 2018

these days

The countdown until the end of the school year is on. Only 8 more days of school!

I think Star Wars day (May the 4th) may one day be my favorite holiday. We all wore are Star Wars shirts, bought Star Wars snacks, and got four movies in to our marathon over the course of the weekend. Let me interpret the Star Wars snacks that the children each picked out: Obi-Won-Kanobi (oreos), Starburst (stars), Chewy granola bars (Chewbacca), and Red Vines (to represent red light sabers). So sad I didn’t get a picture of us all in our shirts.

One thing I love about my phone is that I can take pictures of my favorite pages when I am reading a book. These are from the book “Elantris.”

I thought she looked just like Schroeder from Charlie Brown at her piano one day. I never got a really good picture, but it was cute seeing her pound those keys.

I find these pictures on my phone from calls between Kacin and Caleb all the time.

Perry did a fantastic job at his 1st grade performance! Dad was excited to see his performance in person. Grandpa came to cheer Perry on, too.

I adore his singing face.

I love seeing him so happy.

This just melted my heart at church on sunday. I couldn't resist taking a picture of Kyler snuggling sleeping baby. It was so precious.

Kyler and Kacin just finished soccer tryouts! Yes, Kacin has decided to move back to soccer and give club a try. They are excited for their teams, new coaches, and the start of a new soccer season. 

B passed her swallow study today. Such a relief.

I am so proud of this kid. He has been working diligently on family history this month. He has indexed a bunch of names and he took some more names that he found to the temple to do baptisms with his quorum.