May 24, 2018

mother's day 2018

My role as mother makes me so happy. Sure I feel tired, inadequate, and frustrated by it, too. But each and every day I am grateful that I get to mother these five right now.

This mother's day was especially tender for me. I keep feeling like I just need to hug them tight. They mean the world to me.

On mother's day morning, they brought me downstairs for a yummy breakfast.

Then they each gave me a special gift. Layla decorated a cake for me.

Kacin gave me a new book.

Kyler made me this "I love you" poster and gave me some maple long johns.

My sweet E gave me a new book and wrote me a beautiful note.

Perry made me a jewelry box at school.

They all know me so well. I feel so lucky.

They also spent the day creating a music video with me. But that’s a post for another day.

During church, my heart melted watching Layla and Perry join the primary children in singing a medley of mother's day songs. And then remember sweet Kyler held baby B during sacrament meeting. That was precious.

Layla came home from church with this gem. Besides my age (50?! Really, L??), she did pretty good.

A few days earlier, I got to be in Layla's class for a mother's day tea. She gave me a rose and some precious gifts.

Haha. I would be a little more offended by this except they must have done this together because most of the other mom's had something similar in their books. So funny.

Her whole class sang us songs and she told everyone she loves me because I am nice and I buy her clothes. 

And I got to see the portrait she made of me. She picked a yellow shirt because she knows that is my favorite color. So sweet.

I felt loved. It is nice to feel appreciated, but the reason I personally love mother's day is that it reminds me to appreciate the gift of motherhood. Motherhood, in all of its forms (as a teacher, neighbor, aunt, friend, etc), is beautiful and something I cherish.