May 8, 2018

2018 family theme: Seek the Good

(hand lettering credit goes to a sweet teenager in our ward who made this sign for me)

It is already May. Traditionally, I've done our yearly family theme post at least within the first two months of the new year. Month 5 seems about right for 2018 though.

Our family theme for 2018 is...

We want to remember that there is so much good out there in this world, but sometimes we have to seek it. Sometimes we have to deliberately notice the good in others and in ourselves. Sometimes the easy choice is to watch or listen to whatever the world or our friends throw at us, but it is so much better to seek for that which is good when it comes to picking the movies we watch and the music we listen to.  Sometimes we get so busy and distracted by life that we don't see all of the opportunities we have to do good. We can seek for opportunities to serve and do good for someone. We can seek to be closer to our Savior and to feel the Holy Ghost. If we seek for the good in life, we will find it.

We are also trying to focus our weekly family home evening lessons on the "For the Strength of Youth" pamphlet and what that teaches us about seeking the good.

We set goals during the first week of the year when we introduced this theme to our children.

Family Goals 2018:
1. at least one member of the family will attend the temple each month
2. at least once a week we will play a family game
3. we will learn more about our government in preparation for our DC trip
4. our family home evening lessons will be based on "for the strength of youth"

1. read the scriptures each day
2. seek to use good words

1. read the book of Mormon (with help) before being baptized

1. seek the companionship of the Holy Ghost by thinking good thoughts and saying positive and kind things

1. every night tell mom and dad something good that happened during the day (and if something bad happened)

1. seek to make our home a safe haven and our family strong with weekly specific goals (I write these personal goals in my weekly planner)
2. use my time wisely, including reading 25 books this year

1. Exercise mind and body

I'm glad that our family has a focus each year. And I've loved thinking about this particular theme this year.

I found a spot to hang all of our yearly themes. I should've tried harder to put them up in order of which year we focused on each theme, but it worked out this way based on size of frame more than anything else. I love that we are surrounded by these themes as we eat our family meals.

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