April 27, 2018

philedelphia (liberty bell, independence hall, reading market, elfreth's alley)

We spent my last day of the trip (Friday) in Philly!

Our first stop was independence hall and the Liberty bell.

I definitely gained a deeper appreciation for this symbol of liberty and the importance of liberty and how far we have come and how far we still need to go to ensure liberty for all Americans.

We grabbed tickets for the tour of independence hall.

Such important work and discussion happened in these rooms.

We walked through part of Philly and passed the Jefferson house.

We ended up at Reading Market.

It reminded us of our dear Pike Place market only smaller and more food options. And with lots of Amish food and gifts to buy instead of fish.

We for sure got us some Philly Cheesesteaks.

And these delicious donuts.

Our favorite ended up being the fruity pebble one.

We went through the self guided tour of the US Mint. So interesting!

We just did a walk by of the Betsy Ross house.

We spent a few minutes in Elfreths Alley—theoldest residential street in America. 

We walked back to our hotel to get warm and eat a snack before B and I had to head to the airport.

My week back east came to an end. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to travel!

I was nervous about the five and half hour flight with B, but she did great. She slept most of the time so besides my sore arms we came out champions.