April 18, 2018

light it up blue: autism awareness

Perry brings SO MUCH to our lives. We think autism is pretty awesome.

I found this quote this week. I love so many things about it. Nicole is an incredible teacher. This is a girl who knows.

"The labeling undermines us in so many levels!...we too are God's children. People don't mean harm because they too are God's children."

Our identity as children of God is the most important label we can have. And the only label we need. We are each and every one of us children of God. And as such we can be forgiving of each other and remember that we are each trying our best.

"Love is patient, love is kind; my motto in life."

I need to adopt this as my own life's motto! We need to show love to each other and remember that love means patience and kindness. And the more patient and kind we are the more our love grows.

"You are loving."

Believe this about ourselves. That is one of our deepest purposes on earth. To show love. To feel love. I am loving.

"Mom has healed her consciousness to allow me to truly reflect my real identity as God's perfect child."

The influence of a mother is deep and long-lasting. But mother's aren't perfect and we have our own learning to do. And so when we "heal our consciousness" and do our hard work of growing, which I believe only truly happens when we turn to our Savior and our loving Heavenly Father, then we can lift our children and those around us and help them to shine. Our children don't mind when we have to learn first or learn alongside them. I just hope that we can all see our "real identity." We are "God's perfect child[ren]."

"Just don't let your senses get you fooled. We are more than our bodies."

Don't be fooled. The world is shouting things at your senses that just aren't true. Don't listen. We are much, much more than these physical bodies.

"Find the truth so you can reflect your real being."

Find it. Seek it. Once we know the truth let that light shine out and reflect on who we really are.

Autism is beautiful.

April is world autism awareness month. I am always late to the game, but I think anytime is a good time to light it up blue for autism!