April 15, 2018


Back to spring break again!

It worked out perfectly for me to pick up my older boys from the airport on Monday at the same time we were dropping the Washington ladies off. I was so sad that our amazing girls weekend was at an end, but so excited to spend a few days showing the sights to Kyler and Kacin (and eventually Eric and baby, too).

I took the boys to Gettysburg that day. They study the civil war in 7th grade here so both of my boys were very interested in seeing Gettysburg. We borrowed Lorane’s cds to do the driving tour of the battlefields.

We were all pretty happy to spend most of the time in the car because it was cold outside for these Arizona kids! But we stopped and got out plenty of times to explore.

We were near the actual sight in which Lincoln gave his infamous speech at the dedication of the cemetery.

I gave my boys the assignment to document the trip on their iPods with pictures etc so they could make a video or a power point of their experience in DC. So I loved to see them around taking pictures and having their own experience with history.

I was terrified climbing up all of the metal lookout towers. I did it, but I didn’t enjoy any of it. The wind and the heights didnt even phase my boys.

I loved the story of this particular monument. There is a nest with birds at the top. The story goes that a young soldier, with all of the atrocities of war surrounding him, rescued some a bird that had fallen out of its nest. Such a beautiful story of humanity and light in spite of the darkness and the awful business of war.

We got back to Lorane’s house and this kid sat on her couch like this. He is definitely not used to the cold anymore! By the end of the week, he was more adjusted, but that first day he wasn’t ready for temps under 75 degrees.