April 12, 2018

easter things 2018

Easter is such a beautiful, simple, holy holiday. And loads of fun, too!

The last few years we have tried to participate in Holy Week and talk about the events leading up to Easter. I couldn't get it together this year and I am perfectly at peace with that. My philosophy is if an activity or tradition doesn't suit you, don't do it that year.

So we fully celebrated Easter in other ways. We started at the Mesa temple on Good Friday. I took the older boys and two of their friends to do baptisms in the mesa temple before it shuts down for renovation.

We saved our seats for the easter pageant. In between serving in the temple and the start of the pageant, we got ice cream from diary queen, dinner from Pete's, and the boys walked around and played games and hung out.

Eric came down to the pageant with the three younger kids about an hour before the pageant began. I love experiencing the easter pageant all together!

Saturday was a bit chaotic because we ended up taking baby into the ER because she wasn't breathing well (all night long!). She ended up being able to come home that evening, but it made our day a bit crazy so it wasn't until after general conference and dinner when we were able to dye our easter eggs together. I’m so glad we went outside on that nice night for this activity—two cups of dye were spilled by two different people! I think Kyler was just trying to tie-dye his clothes. Haha! (sorry for the terrible pictures from my iPhone in the bad lighting)

We decorate an egg specifically for each person in our family. Layla made this egg for daddy—hence the word soda and the drawing of the soda and the black licorice.

Seven eggs of our family.

The easter bunny came on sunday morning (his helper was busy Saturday night). We had a big breakfast (of mutated bunny pancakes), hunted for eggs in the backyard, and enjoyed the morning session of conference.

I love this picture of these two. Kacin always the happy goof and Layla who adores and looks up to her big brother.

We went to Jacqui's house for lunch and a cousins egg hunt before watching the last session of conference.

I'll just add quickly, conference was amazing! Ministering, new temples, combined priesthood--all exciting, inspired changes! I am so grateful for a living prophet.

We ended our day with an egg toss/smashing. I think this is probably my kids new favorite easter tradition!

Happy Easter! He lives!!