April 16, 2018

DC: spy museum, the capitol, library of congress, air and space

The first place the boys and I went to in DC was the International Spy Museum. There was a charge for this museum, but my boys thought it was pretty cool as far as museum’s go so I’m glad we did it.

On our way to the spy museum, we passed Ford’s Theater.

We had tickets to the capitol for a tour. While we were there we also went in to observe the House. We then got tickets to come back and see the Senate (Eric took the boys at the end of the week).

We laughed at this...the only time we asked someone to take our picture all together that day this is what we got. Fingers in the picture! Haha.

On the capitol tour, we were given headsets to hear our tour guide. 

The center of the city!

This just amazes me. It is the size of a basketball court up there!

This is one of Arizona’s two statues. 

When we were done at the capitol, we walked through the tunnel that connects to the Library of Congress. I love this beautiful building and I’m always in awe that from this building you can access any book. Amazing!

So neat to see an original Gutenberg Bible!

Look at those pretty ceilings!

It is just too lovely here.

And I’m a fan of these two boys, too.

It was after 3pm at this point and we hadn’t had lunch yet. No person related to me does well without food. We eat regularly at our house. So everyone was starved at this point. But we didn’t have any luck finding any food nearby so we ended up walking to the shake shack. We walked far but ate well. We made it back to the air and space museum for about 45 min before it closed.

Kacin had done a report on the Wright brothers so this room was interesting to him.

We also explored the war planes for Kyler before we had to leave. 

We walked a total of 10 miles that day. And it was a good introduction to DC for the boys.