April 19, 2018

DC: national cathedral, fort mchenry

I woke up Wednesday morning with a phone call from E. I thought it was a prank call when he told me he missed his flight. But, alas, he hadn't been feeling well or sleeping well the last few days and he finally got a good night's sleep--right through his alarm clock. How stressful for him! But luckily there was another morning flight that he was able to get on that only delayed his original arrival by two hours. So it all worked out just fine.

While E and B were flying on the airplane to the east coast, the boys and I ventured out to the National Cathedral. We were going to try to do some other things too, but we left a little later and it took a little longer than we planned.

The National Cathedral is such a beautiful place!

I loved the children’s chapel. I made the boys go sit down in there because it was just so cute. 

These hallways were my favorite!

Can this be a hallway in my house, please?

We had to make sure that both of our states got some love from us.

The boys loved that for this trip only they had shows downloaded onto their iPods. So Kacin was kept entertained by “I Love Lucy” episodes and Kyler was watching “Gortimor Gibbons.”

We picked Eric and B up from the Baltimore airport (B's first flight and it went well!). From there, we headed to Fort McHenry (the place that inspired Francis Scott Key to pen the Star Spangled Banner during the war of 1812).

After dinner at a restaurant with the Willyerd's (sad I didn’t get a picture with their whole family), we checked into our hotel in DC to get some rest before a full day on Thursday.