April 24, 2018

DC: monuments and the white house

We got up early Thursday morning and made our way to see a few of the monuments before our tour of the White House.

B woke up in time to get a good look at Lincoln.

She was still in her jammies and her sleep sac.

The Korean War monument.

Then we walked to the Vietnam memorial.

I took B back to the hotel to get her ready for the day and to feed her while E and the boys went to the capitol to watch the House in session.

We met up again at the White House.

There was a long wait to get through security before we entered the White House.

On our way inside!!

The boys were excited to see that the White House had a soccer goal.

The fountain had green water for St. Patrick’s day. It's all in the details.

Our family’s favorite room was All Red. ;)

Pretty! We liked the eagles as the legs of this table.

Goodbye White House!