March 7, 2018

some boy stuff

The boys around here have been busy lately. Sports are the number one activity. But they all manage to squeeze in some other activities, too. Like, friends, Kapla block building, and video games.

One of Kacin’s Christmas gifts was to attend an asu game. He chose basketball. E and Kac had a great time together!

Perry has been happy on his Saturday soccer team. He was thrilled when he was awarded the medal for sportsmanship at the end of one of the games.

I am one proud mama that he has done so well on the team. Oh sure, he does more looking to the left when the ball is on the right and more walking than running, but he is happy and he is doing his best and his team has been great for him.

Kacin has had a spectacular wrestling season! His end of the season stats were 8-5. We think that's pretty impressive for absolutely no wrestling experience before starting on the team. But E and I were not surprised to see him do so well this year. He is one strong and competitive kid. He made it to the championship game at the end of the season. He finished in the middle of the pack this year. We are so proud of him! He enjoyed wrestling a lot, but I will say he is pretty excited to have his evenings back (wrestling practice has been every single day after school since the end of January).

Kyler has been playing hard on both of his soccer teams. School soccer was a fun season. His team made it to the championship game! It was so exciting watching him play that last 8th grade game with so many students cheering them all on. It was a really close game, but we lost 0-1.

These boys work hard and play hard!