March 8, 2018

Seven Months

Month seven zipped right by! Probably because we spent 7 of those days sick in the hospital.

B lost over half a pound while we were in the hospital. I don’t think she will be moving up a diaper or clothes size too soon. But she is gaining the weight back nicely now that she is feeling better.

Here she is at seven months!

She smiles and lights up at everyone. She laughs all the time!

She is not quite sitting up on her own yet (she promptly fell over after I took this picture). She can roll from front to back. She rolled from back to front for the first time on her seven month birthday.

B visited the zoo again this month. This time with Perry and daddy along, too. Perry threw up at school the day before because of his acid reflux, but we had to abide by the 24 hour rule so he got an adventure with mom and dad and his favorite baby.

She loves books, baths, and songs.

Her siblings love on her. 

She is happy and sweet and loved.