March 28, 2018

NY, part 5 (9-11 memorial, Brooklyn Bridge, Grand Central Terminal, etc)

After Ellis Island, we continued our walking tour. We passed the statue of the girl facing the bull, Federal Hall, NYSE, and stopped at Trinity church to listen to a choir singing.

Everywhere we went, Lorane was always really careful to avoid all of the grates.

We ate lunch at the Shake Shack for the first time.

We walked through this beautiful mall.

Then we spent a few quiet minutes at the 9-11 memorial. This was a beautiful, special place.

We thought this was cool—the modern glass building next to that beautiful brick building.

We walked to and across the Brooklyn Bridge.

Chalonn graffitied the bridge. 

We took the subway to Grand Central Terminal.

We grabbed more NY pizza for dinner and ate it in our hotel lobby before heading back to Lorane's house on the train.

Goodbye, New York! I really did love spending time in that city. I think (if we didn't have 5 kids) I would love to live there for awhile. And if I can’t live there, I will just have to go back and visit. I feel like we saw a lot in two days, yet we just skimmed the surface. There is so much more to experience in that city. I hope it’s not too long before we make it back!