March 23, 2018

NY, part 4 (the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island)

We had our first adventure with the New York subway system on Saturday morning. We were super careful to plan out our route and understand what we were doing only to have our plan thwarted by a closed subway line. So began episode two of “pretend we’re on amazing race.” Thankfully, we ran into another couple who was also going to the Statue of Liberty, but who had the sense to stay calm and figure out an alternate route and who was willing to help us out.

We made it to check in and take our ferry over just fine.

We arrived on the island and began our tour of lady liberty. 

We began our spirally ascent to the crown. 

We made the twisty descent back down.

We took the ferry to Ellis Island and spent a few minutes looking around at the exhibits and reading those powerful stories of coming to America. 

This is beautiful:

It was a wonderful experience to see the Statue of Liberty up close, to explore the Ellis island museum, and to reflect and have conversations with these ladies about hope, liberty, immigration, work, sacrifice, privilege, humanity, and compassion.