March 22, 2018

NY, part 3 (temple, two bakeries, Central Park, a cathedral, and Times Square at night)

Next on our walking tour was the LDS temple. Like Lemmings, we had all been following Heidi everywhere she led us around the city. We got to a corner of the city and stopped at a light. Heidi mentioned to me that the temple should be really close. We both looked to the right and gawked at some beautiful architecture down the road. Then as Heidi looked back at her phone to figure out where the temple was, I looked up and there towering directly in front of us was the angel Moroni! Right across the street from us was that beautiful temple in the midst of the city. We didn’t go inside the temple, but we did enter the building and walk around the meetinghouse and look at the art for a few minutes.

Next we stopped at two different bakeries. Magnolia Bakery was the absolute cutest and had such yummy banana pudding (we shared).

Levain Bakery was where we got cookies. The cookies were unlike any I’ve seen before and if I was a fan of chocolate I’m sure they would’ve been absolutely dreamy.

I loved our walk from the bakery to Central Park.

It was trash day, but if you look past the trash the city was beautiful.

Since it was winter, we obviously didn’t see Central Park in all of its green glory, but I loved strolling through the park and there was still plenty of beauty. 

We made a quick stop at the Met (to use the bathroom) and to say we’ve been there. That museum makes me think of one of my all time favorite childhood books, “From the Mixed up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler.”

We also walked by the museum of natural history. 

We went inside St Patrick’s Cathedral. So amazing! 

We walked through Times Square at night before heading back to our hotel.

It was great seeing the great big Light the World ad up in the middle of Times Square. 

We grabbed some New York pizza and ate it in our hotel while we swapped all of these pictures I’m posting here. 

By the end of day one I had decided I loved New York so much more than I ever thought I would!