March 21, 2018

NY, part 1

My trip to the east coast began with an amazing girls weekend. We all arrived in Baltimore Thursday night and Lorane took us back to her cute new house. I think we managed to get two or three hours of sleep tops before we had to get up to catch a 6am train into NY.

Probably no one else will find this as funny as we did, but we were all new to train travel and had no idea what to expect. Would there be security to go through? How strict were they on the size of luggage? Etc. I think someone even took a ruler at 1am to measure their suitcase! In the morning, we thought we gave ourselves plenty of time to get to the train station, but of course we left a few minutes later than we planned. And then somehow we had two different addresses for the train station. We wanted to make sure we were going to the right place so Heidi called customer service. The lady she spoke to admitted she wasn't very familiar with the train station we were going to, but she confirmed the address and then talked with someone else too and told us once we got there we would have to take a 10-15 min shuttle ride to the train station. That put us all into a panic because if that was true and we had to go through security (we still were clueless!) there was no way we would make our train. So we told ourselves we were on the amazing race and as soon as the car pulled up to the train station, we bolted out of the vehicle, scrambled for our suitcases, and started running to the entrance. We were quite the scene--five ladies racing inside frantically with big bags into a tiny, quiet train station. Heidi rushed up to the ticket counter shoving her phone at the man sitting there and asked if we were in the right place. He said yes and that we would be on track one. So we all turned and bolted out of the door rushing to the train track. Which ended up being about 20 feet away. Then we realized there was no security. It was clearly a small station that we would not get lost in. And we still had 15 min before our train came.

So we casually walked back into the train station like we hadn't made complete fools of ourselves just two minutes earlier. And then we stood around laughing at what a show we gave everyone in that train station. Pretending like we were on the amazing race wasn't necessary after all. ;)

We tried to sleep a little on the train, but mostly we were catching up and planning out our day in New York City.

We made it to New York!

We checked in to our hotel and then spent the rest of the day walking around the city.