March 18, 2018

home again

I got home late Friday night from eight days on a really incredible trip. I spent time in Washington DC, New York City, Baltimore, Gettysburg, and Philadelphia. And the whole entire trip was go, go, go. So now I am back at home and on day two of going a little slow. I definitely needed that to catch up on sleep and rest a bit so that now I can get to work on tackling my to-do list and jumping back into a life without sightseeing all day long and eating out at every meal. 

My trip left me in awe of humanity. I saw beautiful art, architecture, and tributes to the goodness of individuals. We, as humans, are so very capable of so much beauty and so much good.

I also thought about the sacrifice of so many over the years to protect liberty and freedom. I am grateful for all those who have given their lives in the defense of building a country who at its core stands for human rights and freedom.

And I reflected on the horrors that have been inflicted. Sobering events like the Holocaust and 9-11 are important to never forget. We must learn from the past to bring light into the future.

Traveling is such a gift and I enjoyed my week immensely. I'm going to try to sort through my pictures and post them quickly, but we still have a week and a half of spring break left so I know my upcoming days will be a bit busy spending time with my people at home.

Happy sunday!