March 4, 2018

enchanted island

We got to attend a big celebration of foster care at enchanted island amusement park. This little amusement park is at encanto park in Phoenix. Encanto park was the park of my early childhood so it was fun for me to be back in that area with happy memories of my favorite park.

The amusement park was new to me though. There were a dozen rides or so, mostly for younger kids. Then out on the grass there was games, food, booths, football, live music, a zip line, and more. There was definitely plenty to do as a family for a few hours of fun. 

Layla had her first experience with Chinese handcuffs. She won them as a prize at one of the games. She was so excited about them. She put them on as soon as we got in the car. A few minutes into it she got a little panicked because she couldn’t get her fingers out. 

I reassured her she could figure it out (while trying to contain my laughter, like any good mom would). Well her fears grew as she struggled to break free and soon there were tears and desperation.

Don’t worry, good big brother Kyler took pity on her and reached forward and helped her get out.

People are so generous and kind and it was an amazing event. I’m so grateful we get to be part of stuff like this.